◆In 2001: started as a venture, from a 200m² manual workshop, and began to manufacture molds for high-speed stamping production.
◆In 2004: entered into the manufacture of home kitchen utensils.
◆In 2005: developed an interested in titanium and began researching titanium metal materials and product processing techniques.
◆In 2006: Keith brand was established, positioning in kitchen utensils.
◆In 2008: Keith all-titanium ultra-light sports bottle came out, which was a breakthrough in titanium technology.Keith has shifted its production approach from OEM manufacturing to ODM manufacturing. Keith outdoor series products began to launch brand marketing efforts in the Chinese market.
◆In 2009: Keith Metal Products Factory in Sanshui District, Foshan City was established, with a self-built 7000m² workshop.
◆In 2011: Keithmade significant progress by leveraging its accumulated expertise, and yhrough team restructuring, brand image upgrades, and refined market positioning strategies, the sales of Keith outdoor series products in the Chinese market embarked on the fast track of development.
◆In 2012: after many years of research and development, the Keith all-titanium ultra-light military bottle and pot set was released. The product was launched in the United States and used by military personnel through dual-brand cooperation.
◆In 2014: "Keith all-titanium ultra-light 78-style military bottle and pot set" and "the individual field bottle and pot set" were launched and used in domestic troops.
◆In 2015: KeithMultifunctional Titanium Cooker was released. The brand positioning was upgraded again, promoting international cooperation, and cooperating with local brands in the United States for sales; in the same year, Keith successfully manufactured - 6000meters deep-sea all-titanium alloy detection equipment.
◆In 2016: Keith Titanium established a company in Los Angeles, USA, and officially entered the US market; in the same year, Foshan Keith Titanium Co., Ltd. was established in China.
◆In 2017: Started to build a new production base, with a new standard factory building and a company office building, covering an area of 17,000m²; Keith full titanium coffee filter designed to replace coffee filter paper was launched and won many awards.
◆In 2018: Keith Titanium established a company in Paris, France and entered the European local market; Commence Utilization of new factory base in Nanhai, Keith has upgraded its production facilities to further expand the range of applications for civilian titanium products.
◆In 2019: the new office building was completed. Both the office and the production workshop adopted the automation system, established a standardized and perfect management system, and laid a solid foundation for the next step of the brand's development.
◆In 2020: after years of research and development, the pure titanium vacuum insulation cup was launched, with a new concept and zero plastic parts, redefining the health of drinking water; in the same year, the outdoor series of titanium glasses was launched, using a unique tempering process for the frame, which is lighter and stronger.
◆In 2021: with the rise of the outdoor camping boom, Keithswiftly adjusts its strategy according to changes in market demand., integrating "outdoor titanium equipment" with "household titanium products", and defined new categories with "daily titanium products" to help promote the development of titanium products industry is moving forward. In the same year, the new titanium hip flask was launched, which addressing issues such as improved funnel storage and preventing leaks during pouring, effectively enhancing the overall user experience.
◆In 2022: to enhance people's satisfaction, comfort, and health of daily necessities, Keith has developed a variety of titanium products that are closely related to life, closely intertwined titanium with daily life, and providing consumers with a wider selection ofhigh-quality and fashionable products. Let health, environmentalprotection (sustainability), warmth, and safeguarding every home.
◆In 2023: the KEITH brand will usher in a brand new upgrade. With a more adventurous brand image, it will enter multiple life scenarios such as consumer movement, luxury travel, and home office, presenting a vivid and exploratory life aesthetics.

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