Ti3911 Titanium Mini Coffee and Tea Maker

3.1 * 2.9 in | Ø79 * 73 mm
7.4 oz | 220 ml
3.8O oz | 108g

Keith Titanium Mini Coffee and Tea Maker

It is made of premium pure titanium to let you enjoy your favorite coffee and tea at their truest!


Keith Titanium Mini Coffee and Tea Maker

By blending with each other, ergonomic design and precision machining, formed together this state-of-the-art coffee and tea maker. It is functionally simple and elegant, straightforwardly versatile and multi-purpose and environmentally friendly and healthy, perfectly interpreting both the product design philosophy and environmental philosophy behind which Keith Titanium proudly stands. It will sure bring you the ultimate Coffee and tea drinking experience.


Article №: Ti3911
Material: Titanium
Surface: Sanded
Price: $199.99
Capacity: 200 ml | 6.8 oz
Weight: 102 g | 3.6 oz
Enjoy coffee and tea in backcountry as same as at home!




Components: Double-Wall Mug, Filter, Filter holder, Lid

Together the filter and its holder can be housed inside the mug completely concealed, minimizing the storage space and reducing contamination for friendly carrying and hygienic practice.

The mug’s concave waist perfects the grip feeling by letting it naturally fit along with the thumb and the index finger. The unique design also protects the mug from dropping accidentally.
The edge of the mug leans outward which is as same as the traditional Chinese tea cup, making the water flow more smoothly. Along with Keith’s premium pure titanium, bring the lip touch feeling and drinking feeling to a new height.

The filter, the core of this Coffee and Tea maker, is designed, developed and made regardless of cost.




Totally 26,000 ultra-fine and ultra-dense conical holes, which are wider outside and narrower inside, are penetrated preciously on the filter wall by laser beam, not only balance perfectly between particle capture and liquid flow, but also make the filter very easy to clean by just rinsing out the brewed coffee grounds with water.

The arched and tripodic filter holder is rigid but springy, embracing the filter more stable and storing inside the mug steadier. It is the result of years of development and improvement. It has experienced more than a dozen versions from its original flat prototype.

The lid will grasp the mug with appropriate tension by just tilting and covering it slightly. This innovative precise ring-like gripping design is achieved by the titanium machining with allowance of 0.05mm.

The lid won’t fall when the set is upside down due to the precise ring-like grip (Both filter and its holder are housed inside).

Keith Titanium Mini Coffee and Tea Maker is ultralight! It weighs only 3.6 oz (102 g).

The video showing how to use the maker is as follows:

Keith Titanium Mini Coffee and Tea Maker is made completely of premium pure titanium.
Pure titanium does not react with theophylline or caffeine; there is no migration of heavy metal ions, either.
No taste is altered, no flavor is absorbed.

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